• Q Is there a car parking available?

      A We have a total number of 7 surface car parking spots available at the price of 1.650¥ per 1 night.

    • Q Can I reserve a parking lot?

      A Guests can use parking spots in the order of their arrival after 3:00 PM. (※we don't accept advance bookings.)

    • Q How can I get to your hotel from the nearest station?

      A 5 minutes walk from "Gion Subway station" or 8 minutes walk from "Nakasukawabata Subway Station"

    • Q How can I get to your hotel from the Fukuoka airport?

      A Take Fukuoka City Subway, Kuko Line for about 7 minutes (260 yen ) and get off at Gion Station,exit 2.
      On your right side, walk towards Marine Messe Fukuoka (in the opposite direction of Hakata Station).

      ↓ Turn left at the second traffic light and go straight.

      Take another left at the first traffic light you see.

      The hotel is on the right side.

    • Q Is there any vending machines?

      A We have a vending machine on the hotel's 2nd floor.

    • Q What time does the public bath opens.

      A Our public bath is open from 5:30am~9:00am and 15:00pm~1:00am.

    • Q What is the time that check-in and check-out is made?

      A Check-in time is at 15:00pm respectively check-out time is at 11:00am.

    • Q Is there an air purifier available for rent?

      A We have air purifiers installed standard in every room.

    • Q Is there a stand light available for rent?

      A The number is limited, but it is available at the front desk.

    • Q Is there a mobile charger available for rent?

      A The number is limited, but it is available at the front desk.

    • Q Is there WI-FI available?

      A Free WI-FI connection is available in the building. Please ask the front desk staff for the password at check-in.

    • Q Do you sell alcoholic beverages?

      A Yes.At the front desk you can purchase canned beer.

    • Q Do you have a launderette?

      A Yes. It is available on the 3rd floor.

    • Q Do you have towels in the public bath?

      A Towels are not available at the public bath.Please bring towels and other required amenities from your room with you.

    • Q Can you keep luggage before check in and after check out?

      A Yes,we can keep our guests luggage before and after check out if the pick up is made by the guest in the same day.
      *please note that we can not accept the following items:luggage belonging to people without reservation,cash,valuables,medicine,correspondence,fragile things,dangerous objects,things that need to be refrigerated,etc.

    • Q Will you keep my luggage if I send it?

      A Yes,after the prepayment is completed please fill in the date and the name of the person staying at the hotel and send your luggage.
      *we don't accept payment at delivery.

    • Q I would like to use a copy machine or fax.

      A In this matter we can help you but there will be a small charge for it.In need please ask the front desk staff.

    • Q For a wedding attendance purpose can i pay in advance the accommodation fee?

      A For this matter please contact us in advance.The payment can be made in person or by bank transfer.For more details please contact us.

    • Q If I make a reservation for two or more rooms, can I request next to each other?

      A Yes. It is possible. However,depending on the room availability on that day and the room type, it may not be possible to be next to each other, but we will prepare an as nearby as possible room.

    • Q If the hotel is fully booked,is there a waiting list?

      A We are sorry to inform you that we don`t have a waiting list system.In this case we will appreciate if you could contact us again regarding vacancy.

    • Q Can 3 adults stay in the same room?

      A Yes,the Twin room has 2 beds,120cm wide and a sofa bed,90cm wide,accommodating 3 adults.

    • Q Is the room non-smoking?

      A All rooms are non-smoking (also electronic cigarettes cannot be used). If you smoke, please use the separate smoking space (1st floor).

    • Q Please tell me the bed size.

      A The Double bedroom has a queen size bed 160cm wide.Twin bedroom has 2 semi-double beds 120cm wide and a sofa bed 90cm wide.Tatami room has 2 separated semi-double beds.Please note that extra beds are not available.Thank you for your understanding.

    • Q Can i invite in the room an acquaintance who's not accommodated at the hotel?

      A For security reasons we don`t allow visitors to enter our guests room.For visiting purpose please use hotel`s lobby.

    • Q Can I watch videos / DVD in my room?

      A In the hotel room we don`t have yet any Player devices installed.We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Q Is there a guest benefit service?

      A For a more enjoyable staying we made available free of charge welcome drinks you can serve at the hotel lobby, also free of charge ice candy bars you can find on 2nd floor in front of the public bath which we recommend as a small cool off after your bath time.

    • Q Is any charge for small children sleeping with adults in the same bed?

      A Bed sharing for children under 6 years old is free of charge.Children over 6 years old will be charged same rate as an adult.

    • Q Do you have pajamas for children?

      A We can provide our guests children pajamas only in one size,120cm and slippers.Don`t hesitate to ask the front desk staff.

    • Q Are there any amenities for children?

      A Yes,there are.Please ask the front desk staff for more information.

    • Q Is it possible to stay with pets?

      A For the consideration of guests with pet allergies,pets are not allowed for staying.

    • Q Can I extend the check-out time?

      A There will be an additional charge for extended check-out.If you wish, please ask the front desk staff.

    • Q Are only minors allowed to stay?

      A For people under the age of 20 years old,a parental consent form will be needed. *under 15 years old,only accompanied by a guardian. The consent form can be send to our hotel by fax or e-mail. *if the consent form cannot be confirmed the staying will be declined. Click here to download the consent form:

    • Q What time does the breakfast start?

      A The restaurant is on the 1st floor,with breakfast available from 6:30am until 10:00am (last entry 9:30am).

    • Q Please tell me the breakfast fee.

      A Adults price is 1.650¥ (tax included) /Elementary school students 990¥(tax included)/Preschoolers free of charge.

    • Q Do you have room service?

      A Unfortunately,we don`t have room service available but on the the 2nd floor guests can enjoy a quick refreshment from our vending machine.Also near by the hotel you can find a convenience store.。

    • Q Are the toilet and the bathtub installed separately?

      A For a more aesthetically and practical use our hotel offers Double bedrooms installed with modular bathroom pods.Only for Twin bedrooms and Tatami bedrooms,toilet and bathtub are separately installed.

    • Q Is it possible to arrange a taxi?

      A Yes,we can do that for you.You can ask the front desk staff to call a taxi.However,depending on the weather and schedule,is possible that the pick up cannot be made at the desired time.Thank you for your understanding.

If the above does not solve the problem, please contact us.
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