• Q Please tell me how to get to your hotel from the Miyako airport.

      A It’s 1 minute by taxi, 10 minutes on foot.
      If you are not coming from the Miyako airport, please follow the Nippon Rent-A-Car miyako airport branch. Our hotel is right across from there.

    • Q Do you have an air purifier for rent?

      A Humidifying air purifiers are installed in all rooms of the hotel.

    • Q Do you have a light stand for rent?

      A The number of light stands is limited. We can lend you at the front desk.

    • Q Do you have a mobile phone charger for rent?


      • Except for the mobile charger, we have nail clippers or umbrellas at the front desk.
        Since the number of the items are limited, we might not able to lend depending on the situation.

      • Q Is it possible to leave luggage before check-in (after check-out)?

        A Of course, we are pleased to keep your luggage. Please feel free to ask staff.

      • Q Can you keep package in advance?

        A Please arrange to deliver the package 1 week before your arrival date.
        Please make sure that your date of stay and the name of accommodation representative are written on a parcel. 
        Please note that the cash-on delivery is not acceptable.

      • Q Do you have WI-FI?

        A Free WI-FI is available in all areas in our hotel.
        Regarding the password, please feel free to ask the staff.

      • Q I want to use the copy machine or fax.

        A We accept both copy and fax, however, it is not free of charge. If you would like this service, please contact the staff.

      • Q Is there coin laundry in the hotel?

        A There are 2 coin laundries available on each floor.
        You can check the usage status or remaining time on the TV information.

      • Q Are there any guest benefit service?

        A Welcome drinks are available in the lobby.
        Service time is from 1 PM to 10 PM.
        Please feel free to drink anytime while you are staying.

      • Q Do you have pajamas for children?

        A We are afraid but we do not have pajamas for children.
        We have amenities for them, so we will hand them to you when you check-in.

      • Q Where can I park my car?

        A There is space for 70 cars. Parking lot is available on a first come, first served basis for 500 yen per night.
        Even if the 1st parking lot is full, you can park your car at 2nd parking lot for 200 cars within 4 minutes on foot.
        There is no need to worry about parking shortage.
        Please note that we do not accept a pre-reservation.

      • Q Do you sell alcohol?

        A It is sold at the hotel shop. Regarding the purchase of alcohol, the suitable age of guests who can purchase alcohol is limited to those who are over 20 years old.

      • Q What should I do to make a prepayment for events?

        A Please contact us in advance. You can choose from on-sight payment at the front desk or making a payment by bank transfer. For details, we will inform you when you contact us.

      • Q If the room is fully booked, could you put me on the waiting list?


        • We are afraid but we do not accept putting the guests on the waiting list.
          We can accept your reservation if the room is available when you contact us again.

        • Q When is the check-in/ check-out time?

          A Check-in    15 : 00
          Check-out  11 : 00

        • Q Can we stay for 3 persons?

          A The twin rooms have two 110cm wide beds and 100cm wide extra bed, which can accommodate up to 3 persons.

        • Q Is the room non-smoking?

          A All rooms in this hotel are non-smoking. (E-cigarette is also not allowed.)
          Please smoke in a designated smoking area on the second floor.

        • Q In case of reservations of 2 or more, we want adjacent rooms.

          A Of course. We try to prepare the room next to each other. However, please note that we may not be able to prepare the adjacent rooms depending on the situation.

        • Q Can I meet with visitors in the room?

          A For security reasons, we do not allow visitors to enter the rooms of our guests.
          Please use the lobby to meet with visitors.

        • Q Can we watch video in the room?

          A Our hotel does not have a DVD player, so you are not able to watch video.

        • Q Do you have room service?

          A We do not have room service. Noodles, snacks are sold at the hotel shop.
          Vending machines are on the second, and forth floor.

        • Q Is the toilet and bathroom separate in the room?

          A It is the modular bathroom, however, it is equipped with a bathtub in all rooms, and it is a convenient type that you can use the restroom while taking a shower.

        • Q How many children can sleep together?

          A In our hotel, pre-school child (0 to 6 year-old child who has not enrolled in elementary school yet) is free of charge. Except for the pre-school child, the standard fee for adult will be applicable.

        • Q Is it possible to stay with pets?

          A Taking into account the guests with pet allergies, pets (including a guide dog) are not allowed to stay.

        • Q Can I extend the check-out time?

          A If you extend the check-out time, there will be additional charges.
          Should you wish to extend, please contact the staff.

        • Q Is it possible to arrange a taxi?

          A Yes, it is. If you contact us, we can make a reservation, however, please note that the taxi driver may not be able to pick you up at the desired time depending on the weather and schedule.

        • Q What time does the breakfast start?

          A Breakfast starts from 6:30 AM to 10:00AM (Last entry 9:30AM)

        • Q Please tell me the breakfast fee.

          A Price
          Adult 1,650yen(tax included)/ Elementary school 990yen(tax included)/ pre-school child (Free)

      If the above does not solve the problem, please contact us.
      TEL : 0980-75-7700

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