• Q How can I get to your hotel from the nearest station?

      A 7 mins walk from "Otaru station", JR Hakodate Main Line.
      Walk across the National Route 5 from Otaru station, go straight down the Chuo-dori street in the direction of the Canal. After walking across the intersection of "Ironai 2 chome", turn right and walk straight along the street. Then you will find our hotel on your left.

    • Q How can I get to your hotel from the nearest airport?

      A By train : About 85 mins from Shin Chitose Airport by Rapid Airport, JR Hakodate Main Line.
      By car : About 80 mins from Shin Chitose Airport using Sasson Expressway via Hokkaido Expressway.

    • Q How can I get to your hotel from the nearest interchange?

      A About 5 mins from Otaru interchange via Prefectural Route 17.
      Turn left at the intersection coming just after the intersection of Ironai 1 chome, then turn right at the next intersection. You will soon see our hotel on your right.

    • Q Do you have a car park?

      A We have flat parking spaces for 19 cars and a mechanical multistory parking garage for 22 cars (in total 41 cars). Guests can use them in the order they arrive. (※we don't accept advance bookings.)

    • Q Do you have a laundrette?

      A Yes. It is available on the 2nd floor.

    • Q Is smoking allowed in the building?

      A It is forbidden to smoke in guest rooms and shared spaces on the site of our facility. Please use the smoking booth when you smoke.

    • Q Where and from what time can I have breakfast?

      A It is available 6:30 ~ 10:00 (L.O.9:30) at "Canal Street" on the 1st floor.

    • Q Can I check in earlier?

      A Early check in before the usual check in time may not be available depending on the reservation status on the day of arrival or the day before.
      If you would like to check in before 12:00 on the day, we will ask you to make an additional reservation for 1 night from the previous day.

    • Q What time is check in / check out?

      A Check in time is usually 15:00 and check out time is 11:00.

    • Q Can you keep luggage before check in and after check out?

      A Yes, we will look after luggage for guests if they are able to pick their luggage up on the day of check in or check out. We will not accept the following items: luggage which belongs to anyone who doesn't have a reservation, cash, valuables, medicine, correspondence, fragile things, dangerous objects, things which need temprature and humidity control such as goods sent by refrigerated delivery service.

    • Q Can I send luggage from your hotel?

      A Yes, we provide postal services at the front desk.
      ※ Special delivery services such as time-designated delivery and refrigerated delivery, etc. are not available.

    • Q Do you charge for a young child to stay and sleep in my bed?

      A Sharing a bed with one child aged 12 years or under is free per bed. But if a child aged 6 to 12 years has breakfast, we will make an additional charge for the breakfast.

    • Q How do you operate a room cleaning service?

      A We clean your room between 10:00 and 14:00 during your stay. If you don't need it, please put the card saying "Do not disturb" on the door. It is made of magnet and provided in your room.

    • Q Do you have baby beds and bed guards?

      A Yes, but the number of baby beds and bed guards is limited, so we recommend you ask us directly in advance.
      Only children under 1 years old are allowed to use baby beds because of safety matters. Babies aged under 18 months are not allowed to use bed guards according to "SG Standard for Bed Guards for Children" by the Consumer Product Safety Association.

    • Q Can you exchange foreign currency?

      A We are afraid that we do not provide a foreign currency exchange service.

    • Q Do I have to show you my passport?

      A According to the law established by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, if you are "people from a foreign country who don't have a permanent address in Japan", you must fill out a form with the following questions : first name, last name, address, occupation, nationality and passport number, etc. You also have to show us your passport and let us take a photocopy of it. Even if you have a permanent address in Japan, this procedure applies to your companions who don't have a permament address in Japan. We ask for your understanding and cooperation on this matter.

If the above does not solve the problem, please contact us.
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