A new way to spend time in Okinawa,
where its cultural climate and design are in harmony

The area around Asahibashi, where our hotel is located, has prospered as a base for cultural exchange since the Ryukyu Kingdom era. By staying true to the harmony between old Ryukyu culture and modern design, we have created a new Okinawan experience. We offer a rest for the mind and body and a rich time.


Comfortable rooms offering an extraordinary experience based on 3 concepts

Our hotel offers 3 types of rooms, each focusing on the concept of Okinawan nature for a comfortable stay in Okinawa. These modern, natural and clean rooms will refresh your mind and body.

Indigo – インディゴ –

Banyan – ガジュマル –

Tida – てぃーだ –


Our unseen efforts are the secret of the food’s delicious flavor A colorful and healthy breakfast with an aroma that stimulates the five senses

With the morning sun shining through the large windows, breakfast at Hotel Torifito Naha Asahibashi is the perfect start to your day off and enjoy a refreshing morning. The fragrant aroma of freshly baked bread each morning will invite you to stop by the buffet table, where you will be welcomed by an abundance of colorful dishes, both Japanese and Western-style. Come and make the most of your visit.


Access to the hotel

Access to Hotel Torifito Naha Asahibashi

Access from Naha Airport

■ By car/taxi:
Take National Route 58 for approximately 10 minutes (4.3km),
Map code: 33155238*88

■ By monorail (Yui rail):
Ride for approximately 10 minutes, get off at Asahibashi Station, and walk 8 minutes

■ By bus:
Ride for approximately 10 minutes, get off at Naha Bus Terminal, and walk 10 minutes




120日前まで 旅後すぐの予約に